FBI GPS tracking device

In case you were wondering how the cops knew everywhere you’ve been for the past decade or two, take a look at this article.  Instead of having to rip apart that fine piece of machinery that the fuzz so generously loaned to you, see what the folks at iFixIt did (they are better at teardowns than you, trust them) and return the favor by sticking that hunk of steel under the local pizza delivery guy’s car.

One of my favorite findings:

“The slightly imperfect alignment of the SMD components on the board indicates that the FBI hand-soldered them to the board and tailored the component choices to their specifications.”


Failed Housing, Failed Growing...

Who didn’t see this one coming?  Check out the original story here.  I mean seriously tell the whole world that you’re gonna build a huge grow, it worked great for Montel, iGrow, and the other Oakland cats right?

Cornell Hood, get it?

Cornell Hood, get it?

Read the original story here.  We are still not in the clear yet folks.  Some of us are still facing bullshit charges like this poor guy.  I wonder if anyone is gonna help that poor SOB, if I find out about a lawyer’s fund I will drop $100 and post the link here. After reading the story (his P.O. came to his house for a (scheduled?) visit and he allegedly had two pounds of pot laying about) you may think he needs an education fund instead of a legal fund, but nobody deserves to go to jail for cannabis.

cornell hood image

damn facebook got me all over the internets!!

We got Bin Laden weed

How is this news I thought there was pot everywhere in Pakistan?  My wife says so at least.  If you were locked in a house for 6 years you might want to grow your own as well.  Now what would have been really impressive is if he had some 1000’s rockin’ a sea-of-green crop of Bin Laden weed.  What you didn’t know about Bin Laden weed?

the HuffPo article:



The cup winner Ethiopian Kush (aka Green Crack)


Ethiopian Kush? Really?


Some Good Blueberry From a Seed Bank (grown by Root 1)

I don’t actually remember what I did last 4/20, but I know it wasn’t as much fun as this one when we hit up the Tahoe Wellness Collective in South Lake Tahoe for their first annual cup.  Dead Prez played the night before (I missed it cause I had boss duties but maybe I can get the other potbrokers to do a post on it) and they supposedly was slappin’ yo.  Not to mention South Lake sits on the border between California & Nevada so you get two sets of laws for the price of one!!

Everything was good that day.  The music was pumping, tokes and drinks were flowing, and the weather was pretty good.  The only thing that could’ve been better was the weed.  Out of 24 or so strains I considered 6 or 7 to be “cup quality(ie 8 or higher out of 10)” with none being absolute connoisseur top shelf.  The headstash I brought consisted of 4 strains which each could’ve spanked the cup entrants and won the day.  All four of them were outdoor.

To be completely fair though, that outdoor (which I grew) was generally better than 99% of the million different indoor and outdoor herbs which I saw last fall doing consultations.  Just goes to show that a lot of people are still satisfied with just being “good enough” instead of pushing hard to do the best job they can.

Cause I’m a Joker Smoker

Hell has blown it's HID ballasts

Pot w/ LEDs? Yeah throw some CFLs in for good measure

If that last article got you all pissed off at HuffPo for hatin on the indoor players well then dig this.  This article declares indoor growers as the saviors of the universe.  Okay maybe they are growing veggies and using LEDs but who says we can’t do this too?  Has anybody grown some real deal killer green with LEDs?  (Didn’t think so).  Oh well, the time is coming when indoor grows approach or surpass the efficiency of outdoor ones.

Cop Lights Grow lights green lights

All of the lights, all of the lights!

So some guy does a study and figures that 1% of all US power is used for growing indoor marijuana.  Can you believe this ish?  It sounds like a big number but where is the context guys?  What percentage of power do normal lights use?  What are some of the other big uses of power in the US?  Also what was the footprint 5 years ago, 10 years ago?  Is it growing, by how much?  Is this just fear-mongering by those kooky outdoor guys or what?  So many questions…  Interesting story though, check it out here.

It turns out that it doesn’t sound so bad compared to some other usage statistics.  Like that 5-10% of our residential power is being wasted by vampire electronics.  Now that is a HUGE drug dealing conspiracy if I ever saw one.  I also found a more localized report in the East Bay Express that says in Cali indoor pot uses 3% of the overall juice and 8% of the household juice.  If the darn neighbor kids and police would just stop ripping off the outdoor crops we could get down to some serious “greening” (for the environment of course).